Poetry Flaps

Recently while riding the number three to el centro something like poetry flapped its way from my gut to my solar plexus and somewhere into my head. I like it when it happens that way, instead of trying to work from my head down into a hoped for sacred chamber. The real stuff often comes without much notice. Something falls off the wall in the middle of the night and I can’t get back to sleep: the flapping. A kid in the Super Sol parking lot sees my sunglasses whipped out of my hand by the wind and picks them up with two soft, cupped hands as if  they were a baby bird: the flapping. My partner finds me washing dishes, says nothing, and walks inside to pat me on the fatty part of my hip: the flapping. I bike the same route downtown and discover a bundle of flowers jumping through a concrete crack I hadn’t noticed before: the flapping.

Each of these moments is exhilarating and quieting. When I am present enough to notice them or even savor them (which is never often enough), something low and contracted seems to expand. It doesn’t go into a higher place, like some kind of ascension. It’s mostly like an opening. A long breath in. Here’s what came out that day…

On Being Your Own Resolution

Take out your bones!

You thought they were in

a closet but they’ve been

inside you all along.

Listen for them


they have mouths


They tell you soft stories

all day while you

marry a prince

named Trying

again and again.

Sometimes an ear, or

maybe another part of

this wider you

hears something.

Half a syllable,

one wispy clink:

either one is enough

to make your lap

fall down and

open up. Even a

trace is enough

to feel how

eagerly your bones

have always held you.

-Jennifer L. Sandberg


3 responses to “Poetry Flaps

  1. I am love your writing. It speaks to me at my core… and your timing couldn’t be more perfect! (I know that was unintentional… but that’s part of what makes you so special!)

    Please, I know friends shouldn’t “should” on each other, but… you really should get published!!! I would buy so many copies and send them to my friends and family for Christmas!!! I would! And I would cherish my very own copy and keep it where I could always reach for it.
    Much love,
    mia aka (pf)

    • Mia, Shoulding welcome when it comes to my writing! Thank you for your encouragement as always. I will want a full report of family festivities when you return from the big trip…your words mean a lot to me. But you know that! -Jen

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