On Living from the Low Places

As you get older, you learn to listen from the places inside of you that have always been speaking to you, but that have been in hiding. Here’s to honoring those places. This one’s for Johanna, Mindy, Angela, and Carema. And the rest of the women in my life who are living from these places.



Oh, the tides are low. Let them be low. Let them be sinking, maroon, purple, deep, burgeoning. Let them be what they are. They have little faces  – little bodies and lives, these tides in you. You can’t take them out of you – they ARE you, so live them, sweetness. Take a hold of them like they’re your only child. Rock them. Feel their purpleness. Remind them they aren’t bruised or bruising or lost or found. Tell them they are welcome anytime to be a part of who you are, parts that you recognize and honor each day. Now you know, at this age, more intimately than you have before, that these low things in you are not for being shamed. They give you richness, boldness, force. They help you bring a knife to the things in your life that truly need to be cut. They speak to you: frank things, right things, honest things. Beneath their bubbly, wispy, watery swirls, the tides come bellowing up from your sea. They help the waters blend and mix. They make the sea life talk to each other. Little seahorses to fish, and fish to turtles, and turtles to whales. They are all the forgotten pieces of you that are always waiting to be seen. Let them out. Let them move. Their longing is so deep. They are what give you depth. No one else needs to call you love. Tell yourself. Tell yourself, like you’re five and still feel the currents in every step you take. Tell yourself with the urgency of a life wanting to be fully lived, that the low things make you move.


~Jennifer Sandberg


2 responses to “On Living from the Low Places

  1. I’m honored to be part of your sisterhood. Thank you so much for including me.

    I find myself repeating the same thoughts and sentiments whenever I comment on your pieces. I hope I don’t sound like a broken record! But hey, at least you have no doubt as to whether or not I’m being honest. I guess there is something to be said for that.

    While they all have so many layers of their own unique message, there is also the commonality of your voice that they all share. You’re voice is very clear and strong and recognizable thread throughout your work, which is what many writers struggle to create. You’ve already got it~

    I love the sea metaphor and I’m letting the message sink in as far as I can… I tend to push the purple lows away or turn from them. They don’t like that and occasionally return as tidal waves.. You are wise beyond your years (and mine!) 🙂

    It is exciting to be going on this journey with you, even from a distance.


  2. Mia,
    Your words mean so much to me. I’ll keep saying that over and over, too! It means so much that you keep saying my voice is strong, as my self-doubt around letting it shine is the old story. Thank you so much for reading, and for doing so in such an open way. What would we have done without Dexter and the previous sea between us? A friendship is forged in so many ways!!! Love you xoxo

    p.s. I love your metaphor on the low tides coming back as tidal waves if we turn from them. So accurate.

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